We can help you with much more than your back.

•Back Pain and Stiffness
•Neck Pain and Stiffness
•Wrist Pain and Stiffness
•Disc Injuries
•Shoulder Pain/ Rotator Cuff injuries
•Pain associated with Pregnancy
•Leg Pain and Sciatica
•Jaw Pain
•Numbness and Tingling
•Golf and Tennis Elbow
•Pinched Nerves
•Knee Pain
•Muscle Spasms
•Sprains and Strains
•Sports Injuries
•Auto Injuries
•Carpal Tunnel
•Personal injuries
•Nutritional issues
And so many more…
We are proud to offer the following methods to assist in your cure
•Spinal Adjustments
•Extremity Adjustments
•Spinal Decompression
•Trigger Point Dry Needling
•Cold Laser Therapy
•Kinesio Taping
•Active Rehabilitation
•Custom Orthotic Fitting
•Trigger Point Therapy
•Posture and Proper Body Mechanics
•Interferential-Electrical Stimulation
•Ultrasound Therapy
•Nutritional Counseling
•Ideal Protein Consultant and Distributor
We are pleased to announce that Path to Wellness Chiropractic is now a
Certified Titleist Performance Institute Medical facility.